Selected Works


“Old Fish” (short screenplay) – A macabre thriller about two grandmothers taking back the power.  Winner, Toronto LGBT Film Festival. Semi Finalist, Shiver International Film Festival. Official Selection, Upstate NY Horror Film Festival. Finalist, Zed Fest Screenwriting Competition.

“Skate Night” (short screenplay) – A nerd-comedy about an introverted skater girl who attempts to transition from online to in-person dating. Winner, Toronto LGBT Film Festival, Official Selection Toronto Vangard Screenwriting Competition.

“Prairie Zebras” (short screenplay) – A historical drama about the relationship between a WW2 era farm wife and indentured Japanese farm workers. Official Selection at Toronto Vanguard Screenwriting Competition and Finalist at the Writers and Filmmakers Competition.


Short/Flash Fiction

“They Comes on the Ice” (short story) – Polar bears and other beasts run wild on Fogo Island. Honourable Mention in The Room Magazine’s Fiction Contest.

“Whereupon the World Rears its Ugly Head” (short story) – Sara-Mae types a real time transcript of her in-law’s betrayal. Published in Litro Magazine’s Comedy Issue.

“The Town Hussie” (short creative non-fiction) – A reflection on sexual micro-aggressions. Second Place in the International Women’s Writer’s Guild Creative Non-Fiction Prize.

“Madame and Yves in the Garden of Darkness” (short story) – A comedic story featuring insect themed superheroes and the dark side of craft shows. Runner up in the Funny Pearls Humour by Women Competition.

“Female Jockeys” (short story) – An uptight daughter dies inside as her mother misbehaves in a 1940’s speakeasy. Appears in Literary Taxidermy’s “Against the Bar” anthology.

“Somewhere Between the Sand Pile and the Disco” (flash fiction) – An eight year old girl decides to spend the day as a boy. Appears in Issue 6 of Cauldron Anthology.

“The Long Haul”(flash fiction) – A terminally ill lobster fisherman decides to buy a new truck instead of dying. Long Listed for the Bath Flash Fiction Prize.  Appears in the winter 2018 Bath Flash Fiction Anthology.

“Underwater Rescue” (flash fiction) – A child in the Intensive Care Unit tries to think her way out of a coma.  Shortlisted for the Pulp Literature Hummingbird Flash Fiction Prize. Published in Reflex Fiction.

“Door to Door” (flash fiction) – A woman’s ex boyfriend attempts to sell her a vacuum cleaner. Published in Blink-Ink Winter 2018 issue.

“Five Weeks of Life” (flash fiction) – A child is kidnapped from a foster home by his birth mother and loves every minute. Longlist for the TSS Publishing Flash Fiction Prize.”